Will your favorite TVShow make the cut ?

As already mentioned previously, I really do like TV shows. If you share this passion, then you’d be glad to find the TV.com 2007 Upfront !
This page lists all the majors American networks, and for each of them lists which show will make it into the fall 2007 lineup, which one won’t, and which one you’ll be eager to discover !
One little critic I will formulate is that it also lists gameshows and stuff alike that I personally do not really care about …. But maybe you will 😉 !
So I’m sure it won’t come as a shocker that shows like Heroes, Lost or Desperate Housewives will make the cut, whereas less noticed ones like The Knights of Prosperity or In Case of Emergency won’t.
A final usage of this list is to detect shows that you missed because you were so full over your head with all the exciting ones. Being kind of a specialist on Comedy/Drama Soap I had some good times watching the 6 episodes of October Road … If you have a girlfriend/wife you want to invite-over/have-a-nice-time-with , it might be worth a shot ! (I’ll try to give a little description on the show in the next few days, and update the post then)