Good vs Bad presentation … Or Jobs vs Gates !

I came across this article on PresentationZen ( a blog to improve your presentation performances), which highlights the difference of styles between Steve Job and Bill Gates.
As I stated previously, Job is a master of the art of presentation and his slides sure help in that matter. Simplicity, silences during the speech are as much pointers as you can get to let you know that he’s good at presenting !
Bill Gates on his side has come a really long way. His powerpoints are still bullet point driven and far too messy, but the speech is getting better over the years. A pointer ? The jokes ! Whenever you can make the audience laugh, you know that you’ve got it somewher in you !

Guy and Trumeors

I’m not sure I already mentioned that but since I watched the video The Art of the Start from Guy Kawasaki, I’ve become a huge fan ! From reading his blog, to looking at the company CogHead (he his on the advisory board), to following his advices, I’ve done it all ! You can see that in the presentations I made in tradeshows for my current company … You should surely see the change of method 😉
Anyhow, in a first post on his blog, Guy mentioned the Trumeors web site. And a couple of days later, the verdict got thrown out … It was Guy’s new company, with all the explanation in this post. The list of actions that lead to the current success of this website is plain dead simple, and simply shows how much Guy is understanding how current trends are going. This means how to go from a plain simple (but sure real and new) idea to a successful implementation. Nothing is really complicated as long as you know (the one about the legal fees is clearly interesting) about it. But clearly the starter point here is key : The one great idea that will transform an adventure into success.
I have made it clear to close friends that it was one of my goals to find this great idea and finally start on the entrepreneurial road. However I do think this is the key starter point that is the only way to success. So while looking for it, and finally finding it, I’ll continue learning which I think is another key important point that must not be forgotten about !

Steve and Bill … The two oldest pals

I came across this video of Bill and Steve discussing about their lives, experience and more during the D5 conference (Conference about everything digital).
What truly amazes me is how Bill has grown to be a real good speaker (of course Steve is one of the top ones), and how spontaneous these conversation can be … Don’t know why but I cannot see that happen with a Louis Gallois or J3M !
My best passage clearly is the one about the secret mariage between the top two companies that has been going on for decades … That would really be a true revelation wouldn’t it ?

Video of the best exchanges :

More videos here