Superbowl ! N’y allez pas, on parlera de vous quand même !

Ce soir c’est le Superbowl, l’événement le plus médiatisé au monde, qui cette année encore aura fait parler de lui bien avant le coup de sifflet d’ouverture du match.
Si en France, nous sommes largement épargnés par ce raz de marée sportif et médiatique qu’est cet événement (c’est vrai qu’après tout, nous entrons de plein pied dans les 6 nations) il n’en n’est pas de même sur le reste de la planète. Comme souvent avant le match, au delà de l’aspect sportif, on parle plus souvent de l’aspect médiatique de l’événement et ses fameux 3M$ les 30s de pub. Cette année n’aura pas failli à la règle, mais de manière légèrement différente…
Très tôt dans la saison, Pepsi a annoncé son retrait de l’événement (lien) pour concentrer sa puissance publicitaire sur les réseaux sociaux. Une approche très tendance, mais facilement décriable comme le fait Olivier dans son blog. Cependant Pepsi s’est ainsi fait un énorme coup de pub puisque le nom de la marque fait parti de ceux les plus associés à l’événement, sans pour autant y participer. Pas mal non ? Depuis, la mode a été lancée, et les vidéos les plus consultées marques les plus citées en préparation de l’événement sont celles dont les pubs sont censurées ! Et oui n’oubliez pas que nous sommes aux USA, qu’un sein fait rapidement scandale surtout lorsqu’il sort lors du fameux half-time show, et que donc CBS n’autorise pas n’importe quoi sur son antenne ! Voici donc rien que pour votre plaisir, les publicités que nous aurions tous aimé voir sur CBS ce soir, mais que nous voyons/verrons tous grâce à la magie Internet !
Budweiser toujours bien placé, nous fait du Heineken like :

Les Gay ont été largement interdits avec les publicités jugées trop osées pour GoDaddy, et ManCrunch.

Sur ce, bon match (rugby ou NFL à vous de voir), et bon visionnage des plus belles pubs sur tous les sites de vidéo dès demain.

Is playing around still allowed ?

Read this morning on a plane to Paris in the regional newspaper La Depeche.

“An association for the defense of the herissons pressed charges against X after finding on a famous video sharing site one of a herisson being filmed after being lit on fire with some whisky and a match. The video follows the little firery animal in the dark with a torch, before stopping and showing the long final minutes of the herisson”

Far from me the idea that this action, specially since the somewhat cruelty of the scene (which I haven’t yet watched), should not be adressed, but a few points on that story really makes you wonder !

First there actually is such an association, which only purpose is to fight against people who “play” with these funny little herissons ! The president of this association is by the way surprised by this new way of promoting these games … I’m almost sure Internet and the vast amount of stupid videos it conveys was not known from her until really recently. Is that not a sign that maybe there are two many of these associations for the defense of this and that ?

The next thing that strikes me is how in today’s world every little action becomes a tragedy … Who as a child did not play with lizards, spiders and other funky little bugs and animals one can find out there ? Isn’t that the whole purpose of being a kid/teenager and experiment with your world ? And aren’t those kids just playing with the new tools they have handy (camera, internet, …) most of us whish they had when we were young ? If you add to that the fact that the ones who shot the video where in there 20’s, probably having a hell of a party with too much alcohol to relax from the somewhat tough tests they just took … Are they really to blame that much and risk prison plus thousand’s of euros of penalties ?

Clearly I’m not on that side of the law, although these people should be reminded of the fact that playing with animals (and maybe endangered ones) is not that fun of a game. This reminder should could be done via forums, other blog posts, copycat videos, … So to all defense associations out there, please stop using hundred years old methods and start using todays tools and technology to fight for your causes ! I’m sure some of your fans would be glad to do so !

A new lipdub by Rumeur Publique

A French company, specializing in PR, has just released a new Lip Dub. The song is called Louxor, and is from French artist Philippe Katerine.
21 people, really good lip syncing, great office space, and an ending where everyone falls down on each others …. A real success and big round of applause for you guys girls (mostly ;-))

Formula One or Stock Car Racing ?

Update : YouTube had to remove the videos due to copyright infrigments … I’m trying to find the video some place else …

It was a long time since my last live F1 Grand Prix, but this Sunday I managed to catch the last 20 minutes of the 2007 Japan one.
For the past few years, I found out that the show was not as interesting as it used to be (more strategy, less action), and the retirement of Sir Schumacher did not really help me in waking up early to catch the live action !
Anyhow, on Sunday, after an hectic night, and an early wakeup thanks to my son, I watch that one ! Really hard conditions, with lots of rain. On board cameras where showing the difficulty for the drivers to drive and find the best curves on this slippery racetrack !
And then came the last lap … First the 2nd and 3rd driver, aka Kovalainen and Raikkonen, switch places two times to remain in the same order in a battle than reminded us all of good all times when overlapping was not an exception ! What a lap for the first one who is really in his first years of driving, on a car that has not proven much this year (Renault).
But the most amazing was the battle between Massa and Kubica !
Here is the video from outside view (Loooove the Japanese guys ;-))

You see there that the racetrack was not really wide enough for those two guys, and that the lap was really closer to Stock Car than Formula One ! I still cannot believe that they did both finish the race on the finish line, and not in the gravels !
But even more impressing, is the onboard view of Massa’s car … Just old your breath people, because you are going to see why these people are considered the best drivers around :

Here are the two videos next to one another :

And what seems like a slightly longer version of the first one :

Are you of the logic or artistic kind ?

I came across the following picture while browsing my feeds, and it really is impressive :

If you look at it, you should see a girl spinning in circle. The funny thing is that not everyone sees her spinning in the same direction. If you see her spinning clockwise, then you are of the logical kind, meaning the left part of your brain is the more active one. However if you see her spinning counter-clockwise, then you are of the artistical kind, meaning the right sight of your brain is the more active one.
I personally started seeing her spinning clockwise (ouf :-D) but then she started to change. Apparently depending upon when I see her head or her toes first (using the elevator on my browser), I see her spinning in different directions... Doc please tell me what this mean ;-). Is there really an artistical inner me, because I have been doubting that over the year :-D.
And you what do you see, and how do you feel about it ?

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