Tetris mania !

I’m sure most of you played tetris at some point in time … And I even include the little one who am sure have come across his really simple but addictive game on their next generation mobile phone !
I found out this video of one tetris master ! It’s a bit long, but if you go near the end, you’ll see someone who knows how to play without even seeing the bricks !

Via Kek

Sick with Frisbee ? Try Waboba !

This summer, you want to look cool on the beach … Since kite surfing is too much Loic, and frisbee is not cool enough, why not try Waboba ?
It’s a simple ball that bounces off the water, which you can throw at your friends. It seems easy enough for every public (boys and gilrs) to make it enjoyable. I you are more of a competitive person, they even came up with a game you can win ;-).
It might be 6 Euros worth the fun … Watch the video to get convinced :

IPhone frenzy … Again !

Ahhhh, that little piece of technology has made the world gone counter clock-wise for the past few weeks … Fortunately for us those late night talk show are always there to remind us of how stupid we are …

Yes, I’m sure you clearly heard the roaring in the audience when the word “Ipod Nano” was sent out there ! It’s true that a lot has been rumored on the subject but come on, do you really think Dave would be the one showing it first 😉

Found via Yannick.

Real Life ?

Do you get all the fuzz about Second Life ? I don’t ! Even though I tried getting into the game and understanding the ins and outs of it … I probably did not spend enough time out there to figure out the real interestd of the thing, because I indeed did not have too much time to do so.
Anyhow, I found this really cool video mocking the virtual world with real character, simply showing how dumm real people doing second life moves would look ! Enjoy.

Is e-Commerce that much of a paradise ?

I’m the first one to go online and buy stuff there. I’m lazy, don’t really like to go out shopping, so having the comfort of sitting in my chair to choose my next clothes or gadgets are really valuable to me.
However you have to make some compromises, like spend a lot of time looking for the tee-shirt you always wanted, or this particular brand of shirt that looks so good on you, or tis particular device with that specific color and memory … But most of all you have to make up with the websites selling all these stuffs which for most of them are really lame at it, and really consist in a list of items without too much of a description for the article on sale !

I recently found a really good list of parodies in this article, and I linked them underneath.

There you really realize how much compromises you are really to make in the comfort of your deskchair… That is a lot !

The funny thing however is that when you get back to real life (and by that I mean real shops with real people) , you expect efficiency from shop staff. As a bad example, last Friday it took a lady 5 minutes (no kidding 🙁 ) to cash on the three items I bought on sale in 3 minutes top after entering the shop (okye, I told you I don’t like shopping, so I’m quick in deciding 😀 ). I was ready to leave after two minutes when I realized I was on holidays and spending some good time with my son so I needed to relax … She got lucky in some sort of sense 😀
Video #1 – If Only Search Engines Could Understand What We Want

Video #2 – Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…

Video #3 – Premature Redirection

Video #4 – Zero Results Found

Office LipDub contest

The buzz has been around for quite a while now, but this crazy video of this crazy company was really something ! Don’t tell me you’ve never seen these teenagers from ConnectedVentures (Whoops, we wondered for quite a while where they were from !) who sang Flagpole Sitter from Harvey Danger. If you missed it, here it is :

The company was in fact looking for some new people to join the company … I’m sure they must have had quite a number of resume following this video.
Anyhow, the reason for my post is that, following this buzz, other lip syncing fanatics have walked in their footsteps. So here is one re-enactment (Watch out for hte last 30s 😉 ) :

Granted it’s not as good as the first one … But still funny !
A contest has even been thrown, which you can follow at OfficeLipDub. Only two contestants for now … Ready to shoot a video ?

A real great clock !

After finding cool desktops backgrounds, I recently foudn out a really nice screensaver.
It serves nicely the purpose for it since this is a clock, but definitely a nice one.
It’s written as a flash application, but a little installer allows for easy installation !
Here is a screenshot (I was unable to reduce the flash embed, so you’ll have to stick with the preview !)
Link to the real flash preview here.
Link to the home page here where you can find the screensaver installer.


Axe, a deodorant (not sure this is the correct translation) maker, has been making some real good advertising campaigns for quite some times now. But this new one I found via Blog de Nuit is simply brilliant ! The tag line really puts it on the limit of acceptable, but just on the limit ! And the more you look it, the more you are going to like it ! My congrats to the maker of this one.

Here are a few of previous nice ones I got by mail :

Guybrush is back ?

All of you nostalgics out there, get ready for a tremendous news that will give you a big ass smile !
Remember those great days of point-and-click gamesLucasArts main way into this world back then with the great Indiana Jones series for example. But certainly the best of the breed was and will always remain to me … The Monkey Island series of course !
Well, according to various rumors here, here and here, Monkey Island 5 would be in the works ! So get ready for some schmoozy love with Elaine, old time rivalry with Lechuck and of course bad ass insult fights, poly wants a craker, and three headed monkeys !
Here is a supposed art piece of the game in preparation :
Official fan site here.

Update on 06/19/2007 : Apparently this was a fake information. This picture was actually supposed to be used for a Monkey Island movie, but the idea was abandoned. Some of the ideas were actually used in Pirates of the Carribean. Too bas anyway, but hopefully we’ll see Guybrush anyway at some point in time !