Bud for ever !

Budweiser almost invented the Viral Marketing concept a few years back with the tremendous Waaazuuuupppp I’m sure you all still think about !
Although they are making some new ads every other day (Bier is somehow a competitive market in the US 😉 ).
This one I thought was worth sharing along… A good Biiiippp is so good sometimes !!!

Guy and Trumeors

I’m not sure I already mentioned that but since I watched the video The Art of the Start from Guy Kawasaki, I’ve become a huge fan ! From reading his blog, to looking at the company CogHead (he his on the advisory board), to following his advices, I’ve done it all ! You can see that in the presentations I made in tradeshows for my current company … You should surely see the change of method 😉
Anyhow, in a first post on his blog, Guy mentioned the Trumeors web site. And a couple of days later, the verdict got thrown out … It was Guy’s new company, with all the explanation in this post. The list of actions that lead to the current success of this website is plain dead simple, and simply shows how much Guy is understanding how current trends are going. This means how to go from a plain simple (but sure real and new) idea to a successful implementation. Nothing is really complicated as long as you know (the one about the legal fees is clearly interesting) about it. But clearly the starter point here is key : The one great idea that will transform an adventure into success.
I have made it clear to close friends that it was one of my goals to find this great idea and finally start on the entrepreneurial road. However I do think this is the key starter point that is the only way to success. So while looking for it, and finally finding it, I’ll continue learning which I think is another key important point that must not be forgotten about !

Numbers : Porn ! And More !

No this is not a cheap attempt at driving trafic to this blog ! (I already have a dedicated website for that :-D) But some might say it will 😉
Anyhow, you know how sometimes you look at these powerpoints/movies that gives you some numbers about a certain technology, habit, or anything for that matter. Well Good Magazine made a nice little video about the industry of porn and the traffic/money it drives on the Internet.
The video is slightly sexy which is kind of a real eye blink to the subject and is really the only reason for me posting this video, although the numbers are quite impressive … Specially the fact that 70% is watched between 9 and 5, that is business hours !!!

Just to show you that the subject was really more about the numbers than the subject itself, here is another one that is presented in a funny way ! The top 5 more expensive domain names … Guess which one is the winner, and play the video ! Just to reassure you, I did lose 😉

PS : This will also get you a way of looking at the new YouTube player in action 😉

Elections Législatives

This week end in France is the first round of the legislative elections. These two rounds of voting follow the ones where we elected Nicolas Sarkozy as our president for the next 5 years. The goal of this election is to define who will be sitting at the “Assemblée Nationale“, which represents the Legislative power in France.
The point of my post is not really to give you a detail explanation about this process but rather to understand how to vote ! I recently received by mail a letter with a leaflet of each one of the 17 people that I could vote for … Yes you read right : 17 persons ! So my question is dead simple how do you make your choice ?
So the first answer is simple : vote for the candidate which represents the person you voted for during the first round of the presidential elections. Easy you might say ! The only little problem is that there were only 12 candidates ! So the whole post comes to that : who might vote for these 5 “extra” persons ? Family, friends, … ? But whats the purpose ?
It seems most of these people are using ecology as one of their key driver, or they are yet another candidate of the “far left side”. Don’t get me wrong, I do like freedom of speech and republican rights, but at some point you got to wonder the point of having so many different trends and people, whom are mainly interested by their own interest of being elected, and do not really worry about us electors. In that sense I really do like internal debates within one party to designate the best candidate (like the PS has done this year, or like this is done in the US). Of course pushed to the extreme this would mean limited number of parties and we need diversity, but come on, do we really need 17 people thinking they have completely different strategies from one another ? This does not make any sense to me at all !
So this might be the “rosé” speaking, but clearly I wanted to share my astonishment in front of the number of candidates I needed to choose from … But do not worry, my choice is made ! Is yours ?

More on skinning !

In a recent post, I presented a company that offered skins for your laptop. Looking at the comments and speaking with some friends, turns out laptops are not the only things that may be skinned !
Of course T-Shirts have long been an apparel that may be customized through various sites like Spreadshirt, lafraise, or others … Even got some really close friends who are deep into that (Free pub, sorry :-p )
Anyhow, turns out other sites like or are letting you skin pretty much anything ! From iPods to laptops to mobile phones, anything can be customized to make your latest devices as cool as it should be ! You can even choose your own photo as a motif for your skin !
So now you don’t have any reason for sticking with the default Dell or Apple shinny but so everyone cover 😉 And who knows you may even get to know this cute blondie afterwards 🙂

Lego Forever !

As a young kid I always loved Legos. It is really a cool toy which lets you crank your imagination up and build thing from the ground up. I’m sure all of you fans out there had the same idea to build a gigantic full size statue of your biggest idol, preferred car, or other toy. Well, Mr Sawaya actually went past the dream, did it, and is now exposing he’s art in museums … Isn’t that the best proof that some people actually do succeed while keeping the child in them ;-).

Here are two nice realisations. On the left is a tribute to the city of New Orleans following Katrina. On the right is of course Mr Solo !

Museum Link here

Doooohhhh !

This video really gives you shivers all over the place !
Okye I’m driving fast, but there, it really gives you some material to think about !

The Sécurité Routière has been using some really shocking vidéo to promote safe driving for quite a time now. Sites like SortezRevenez really tells you that you can be the government, use modern communication techniques, and make work its way through crowds.
On a more funny side, this video talks about a completely different matter !

Steve and Bill … The two oldest pals

I came across this video of Bill and Steve discussing about their lives, experience and more during the D5 conference (Conference about everything digital).
What truly amazes me is how Bill has grown to be a real good speaker (of course Steve is one of the top ones), and how spontaneous these conversation can be … Don’t know why but I cannot see that happen with a Louis Gallois or J3M !
My best passage clearly is the one about the secret mariage between the top two companies that has been going on for decades … That would really be a true revelation wouldn’t it ?

Video of the best exchanges :

More videos here

Laptop Skins

So you like your laptop PC so much you would not change it for anything in the world … Specially for this brand new iMac that your colleagues have been bragging about for the past few weeks : “isn’t that the nicest laptop you’ve ever seen ?” … So what ?
Now you can make all of them jealous thanks to these laptopskins !
LaptopSkins sells some covers like this :

If you are a little bit of a geek, you might go for for these :

The website basically allows you to enter the size of your laptop (nice thing seeing all the different sizes available out there), select the skin you’d like, and for a mere 25$/19.95€ you can get your skin. If you are not even sure of you’re laptop size (specially with all the inches/cm conversion), you can always give your laptop model and they’ll figure the perfect size out for you !

And after that, I’m almost sure you’ll be the new guy with the cool computer everyone will be bragging about … Or at least you can try 😉