Are you of the logic or artistic kind ?

I came across the following picture while browsing my feeds, and it really is impressive :

If you look at it, you should see a girl spinning in circle. The funny thing is that not everyone sees her spinning in the same direction. If you see her spinning clockwise, then you are of the logical kind, meaning the left part of your brain is the more active one. However if you see her spinning counter-clockwise, then you are of the artistical kind, meaning the right sight of your brain is the more active one.
I personally started seeing her spinning clockwise (ouf :-D) but then she started to change. Apparently depending upon when I see her head or her toes first (using the elevator on my browser), I see her spinning in different directions... Doc please tell me what this mean ;-). Is there really an artistical inner me, because I have been doubting that over the year :-D.
And you what do you see, and how do you feel about it ?

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About being “green” just for the sake of it

I just finished reading this article on VentureBeat thanks to a post on PMarca where the following criticism about Prius owners appears :

It’s like wealthy investors giving money to “art museums instead of to starving people”

Why do I like this sentence ? Probably because I think that today a lot people cheer on ecology, making pseudo sacrifices for the planet … But at the end of the day do so, more because it is a huge trend, than because of real personal conviction. By the way this sentence was issued by Vinod Khosla who is one of the most influent investor in Greeen Technology from the Silicon Valley… Just to show you that it’s not coming from some Oil backed company’s CEO like you may have imagined.

The other reason why I like this sentence is that people have a tendency to focus their vision on one detail, but don’t really look into the big picture. Yes it hurts to see artists in the need and not being able to continue their passion. But what about those millions of people that just can’t eat or drink everyday ?

It’s of course an easy to take shortcut since things are far more complicated than that, but next time you speak about ecology, take a minute or two to see whether the action you are taking is really relevant, whether it’s just a drop in the sea, or there’s just something more important to do for your planet …

The real value of money ?

One of top blog in my blogrol is the one of StevePavlina. It gives you some really interesting insights on various topics, thus contributing to your personal development. He recently published this article about what he calls “the outrage script”and why it is a blindsided way of thinking.
Here’s a short summary of it to start this post(yes all his article are always that long 😉 ). Taking as an example how Donald Trump switched from buying cheap shoes to top notch ones, he explains and demonstrates how envying people spending a lot of money may not be the best solution. Instead, it would be much more efficient to try to understand how they can spend so much on things (shoes, travels, restaurant, …) and try to accomplish the same thing. That is find a way of making such big expenses (on a first look) look like small ones. Of course the solution to that is by creating value, thus allowing to redistribute the value you created to other people so that they can benefit from it. This is what he calls running the “contribution script” (I create more so I give more) instead of running the “outrage script”(why the hell is this guy spending some much when he could get the same stuff for less ?)

I really liked this post because I think a lot of people can relate to it, and living in France, I can assure that its a pity that so much people run the so called outrage script all day long. I have to agree that everyone’s is being brought up differently, with more or less resources, making the chances of success in life that much difficult for everyone, but still… Anyhow there’s a good chance that between your student life, your first years of work, your first years as a family, … (I’ll stop here because that’s where I’m at ;-)) the way you bought stuff, and so your relation with money, has changed. At first, you need to save every penny. Then you thought you could buy anything (specially with that first pay check) but that was not really the case… Still getting to the restaurant, to the movies, … became less cumbersome. And as your paycheck became bigger, your family size increased, and lots of other every day life events appeared, your relation to money varied. So at that point you have to agree that spending 100 $ as a student or as a 30 year old junkie is not really the same.

Coming from this assessment, you have to ask yourself why is that ? There I totally agree with Steve saying that one reason is because you create value (while working) so you feel less embarrassment in buying expensive (student mind) stuff. So why should not you feel the same when you see people spending 200$ on a dinner or 2000$ for a night in a luxury hotel ? Why don’t you first try to think on how you could do the same and instead, with some envy in your mind, despise those people ? Of course I’m not saying that some expense are not exaggerated, I’m just saying that most of the time you should try to “get there”.

At the end of the day I’m sure that if everyone was thinking like that, lots of things would be different. Take as an example the difference between US and France. There buying a new TV has to be done every 5 years or so. Here, some people still have black and white (maybe it’s a little bit extremist :-D) … Whose economy is more flamboyant again ? When I see today in France people striking to keep their right to strike in the common transportation … You’ve got to ask yourself why they don’t want to make those common transportation more efficient and reliable thus profitable thus attractive to the common person, instead of being thought has a last resort mean of transportation by most. (This crosses an interesting article read on VentureBeat about the Calltrain I read today where they can introduce new trains if a station is too crowded).

Too give a last thought on this article, and on the “contribution script”, I have to say that this should really be a motor in everyone’s life. One thing I don’t like in some people is their incapacity to understand that work is part of your life, and is thus one way of making it better. Of course personal and professional life should be balanced But try to raise one side first, and then the other one … And you will see that your life will remain balanced, but much better and appreciable for everyone. Moreover if you create more value, you will be proud of that and give back one way or another. Do you really think that buying 20$ power drills is a way to keep factories in Europe ? Buying the 300$ one certainly can help ! And that factory worker may well be your next door neighbor you’re barbecuing with on week ends … You see my point ?

So next time you see someone buying a 200$ shirt, or driving a Ferrari, please ask your self how you could be that guy … Create value, give value, and make the world a better place … too simple to be true ? What’s your take ?