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Scanner Réseau sous Ubuntu

2h de travail pour enfin arriver à scanner depuis ma Ubuntu box, alors que ma Canon MP610 est branchée sur mon ReadyNas … Ouf ! Alors pour les curieux, la méthode n’est au final pas si compliquée

VNC to GDM, with login … it can work !

The reason for the recrudescence of Ubuntu posts on this blog was originally due to me wanting to put that free OS on a couple of old machines I had at home. For some of them it

DVD playback with Ubuntu

This was one feature I never got working until just a few minutes ago, even though I tried a couple of times ! Thanks to sebz, and a shared Google Reader item, the following article explains you

Changing the default language with Ubuntu

On the request of a friend, here is how one can change the default language in Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10). It is actually a pretty simple action, but no one seems to remember how it’s actually being done

Samba … A Windows – Linux dancing story !

I already posted on this subject (actually my first post on Ubuntu), but I just wanted to share a better link I found out here : Dead Simple, Clear, Understandable … Everything a newbie like me needs.

Managing shell history

On linux, if you use multiple terminals, and are a fan of the history command because you always forget which one actually worked, then you have probably noticed something weird : some of your commands sometimes disappear

Watching Sopcast & TvAnts on Ubuntu !!!

It’s Shangaï Master’s time ( Gooooo Gasquet ), and while blogging, surfing, and whatelse, I wanted to watch the tennis game on my newly configured Ubuntu Gutsy box !Of course Sopcast and TVAnts are THE P2P programs

Mounting Windows shares in Ubuntu

Obviously this problem had to show up at some point. Here is a really good link that says how to do that ! And now just need to solve the last problem : Video suttering when playing

How I got to watch Heroes on Ubuntu !

Since I now have a new working Ubuntu install, I decided I’ll watch Heroes on it while “working” on my other machine… Or so I thought. The graphic card I now have is a S3Trio 3D/2X 8Mo,

Old graphic card on Ubuntu/Xorg

As you may recall I was kind of having a bad time with Xorg X server configuration for my really old SIS6215 graphic card. After digging a lot of google, I was not able to get it