Design Roundup

Here are a few design items I found on TrendHunter and other sites I thought where worth sharing …

Those are actual portable lamps made of LEDs (Seems like a new technology coming to us which allows to build really cool light providing items !). You can charge those and they are supposed to work for 10 hours … Must be really cool for kids to play in the dark ! Or during parties with your friends.

More LED lamps, but his time embedded in ice cubes. Put those in your freezer, and get them out for your next party … Success guaranteed ! And all that for only a couple of $ !

Russian roulette was big couple hundreds years ago … For us techies who are sick of the poker mania running out there, here is a new toy. Up to four players put their fingers in the device, then a button is pushed, and after a few long seconds one of the players receives an electric shock ! Is it really as cool as it looks ?

Sick of those mobile phones that have the dumbest ringtone in your openspace … Or just don’t want to be one of those ? Well this mobile phone dock is for you as it will flash when your mobile is supposed to ring ! Nice and silent, at last your workplace will become a nice place to be all day long.

On sundays, when its barbecue time, you always look around for matches … When you find them they are either wet or every time you try to ignite one, it breaks in two pieces ? Then this little toy is for you ! First it keeps your matches away from humidity, and as a bonus, they automatically ignite !!! So who’s gonna look real cool two days from now ?

And to conclude this roundup, a “special dedicace” to the cabiste boy, who’s a big fan of Caca, specially when speaking about twitter … So why should we not be talking about iMac, iPod, iPhone, and other iToys as iCaca ?

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