Happy New Year 2009 – Bonne et Heureuse Année 2009

I wish you all fellow readers a very warm happy new year, may this year bring you all you wished for whether a better job, more time, a fun vacation, a girlfriend, a family, … !!!
As you have seen this blog has been running slow for I guess most the year 2008 with about 15 real posts. Running a family and a company leaves little to no time for everything else which has to includes sports, hobby, rest and more ! So that has to explain it !
So for this year I’ll continue sharing the best posts I read on Google Reader, and also try to add a few more articles on home networking and N810 among other things. Because some experience I have at work are hard to translate but surely interesting to share, I may write some posts in French, making this blog bi-lingual for the first time in its history … YEAH 😉
So once again Happy New Year/Bonne et Heureuse Année 2009 ! And see you soon on this blog/Et à très bientôt sur ce blog.

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