Versions on the N810 ?

Hello all,
Here I am again on another firday evening, with a full week behind me. But at least tonight I have some time to play with my N810, and so I decided it was time to upgrade the firmware to the latest version.
Yes I thought I had seen some posts about a new version for the N810, and so I went to look for it. To my deepest surprise, there was no new version for the N810, and I was actually on top of the line, that is running the OS2008 v. 2.2007.50-2… So I guess I have to be happy with that, and even with some digging around, I could not find the post I thought I remembered, and could only find one about upgrading the N800.
Since I’m kind of stubburn, and the reason for my upgrade, was to get Skype working, I went to the Skype website, and found out that the version I had was more up to date than the one available there ( … Strange don’t you think 😉
All in all, it seems to me that something is wrong, but I cannot figure out what … or maybe I’m just tryng to find something where there is nothing to be found … Any ideas anyone out there ?

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