Google and it’s defects

So you really like Google (let me reassure you, I do to !), and you are eagerly waiting the latest service from your favorite web goodies provider.
Last few weeks have been rich in news with FeedBurner acquisition, iGoogle, or bigger attachments in Gmail.
Another service that made it is Street View, which is a new feature of Google Maps basically letting you see in pictures the actual streets. This is a really great way to look at nice scenery that exists in the US biggest cities.
At this point I think I have to mention that PagesJaunes, the original french provider of yellow pages, has had this feature to identify businesses for quite a while now.
Anyhow the purpose of this post is more related to Street View. I guess that when you take pictures automatically, you can not always proofread every single one of them, which as a result, gives some nice instant photos of captured moments. Mashable has a list of the Top 15 views that may be found out there … Really funny to read how lapdances are better than the internet or to see a burglary in action !

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