Android on N810 …

I was teased by Vince, and my curiosity was too intense … But man what a disappointment !

Following my recent upgrade to Diablo, the latest OS for the N810, I did install Android on my shiny N810. What cooler stuff than Google’s own OS could there be for such a nifty device ?

This post gives you great explanation on how to do it, and it is actually really simple. You need to download this file, and this one on your internal memory card, then run the .deb one (the second one), which will open the application installer and actually install Android. After a reboot, you can go in the Extras menu to find the magic link to Android. If you select it, and wait a minute or so, you’re up and running with Google’s OS, and this just minutes after you gave it a try !

Once you have Android started, you have something that looks like a brand new OS.
Android running on the N810

Unfortunately there is only a browser application, which clearly does not stand the comparison with the OS2008 version, and couple of other application (contacts, file manager, dev tools, maps) which I did not understand how to use on a first try … So maybe I’ll have to come back to it, or get some hints from my fellow Google friends :-D. I have to say though that the map application looked cool, but I’m not sure how I could use it efficiently !

Anyhow, this answers the question … The cooler stuff than Google’s OS actually is the OS2008 from Nokia, specially the Diablo version !

Upgrading the N810 to Diablo

It’s already been a couple of days since the release of Diablo, the latest edition of the OS from Nokia for the N810. And since the best knowledge base on the subject says its hot, there is no way I’m going to leave any longer without it !

Since I’m running an Ubuntu desktop, the upgrade process is slightly different, but really well explained here. on the Maemo community wiki.
You basically need to download the flasher from here, the Diablo image from here, shut down your tablet, plug it in the USB port, and then run the following command:

sudo ./flasher-3.0 -F RX-44_DIABLO_4.2008.23-14_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin  -f -R

After that, you switch the tablet on while pressing the “switch window”button, wait a minute. And after a nice reboot, here you are finally running Diablo ! Easy isn’t it ?

After reboot, you need to setup your tablet again unless you did save all the data you had on it.
Since it was time for me to start clean again, I did only restore my settings, and a few data, but no applications or other things. When doing this, the OS may ask you if you want to erase a newer version with an older one (favicons for example). Only choices are Yes, Yes for all and No … A “No for all” choice would have been great since you obviously want to keep the newest files … Apparently I was not able to restore my bookmarks though … Too bad 🙁
The new eMail application, based on Modest which I had installed on my previous setup, is much better and faster. You can easily access your GMail accounts for examples and it works really smoothly now that it is tightly integrated with the OS.
Browsing experience is although much smoother on a first try … I guess I’ll have to play with it a little longer to get you more feedback !

Well that’s it for this first upgrade. Everything went smoothly, and the new features and OS looks promising … Now I just need to test Android and Fennec to have something brilliant to show my friends 😉