Dell now understands the Apple €/$ exchange rate

Dell is now using the same methods than Apple is to sell its products on the European market.

Apple is famously known here in Europe for applying an exchange rate of 1$ = 1€, whatever the real one is ! Despites the result in a (relatively) much higher price on the European market, Apple has won big shares, and some of us are big fans 😉
I just discovered that Dell is applying the exact same principle. Look at their new desktop called Studio Hybrid, and how much they are sold for in the US and in France :

Yes, you are reading right, the exact same machines are sold for the exact same numbers … The only difference is the currency tag 😀
I still cannot understand the theory behind that. If you look at exchange rates between the Euro and the Dollar today, those machine could be sold in Europe for something as low as 320€, and they totally work in the path of the EEPC, or other ultra-portable machines that some of us could use to plug as a media center in the living room. I guess that the design of this machine makes the price, but anyhow, it still pretty strange !
Any ideas out there why not applying a more understandable exchange rate ?

Flip Flop Freeride

With the summer (well, at least its july) comes its share of flip flops ! As indecently trendy, as the joy of having a plastic piece in between your toes is, this new kind of shoes are everywhere nowadays. And you can’t say that it’s not comfortable to feel the breeze of fresh air down there (unless you cubmate is in lack of affection with his soap ;-( ).
But who here really likes having something indecently wanting to separate big toe from his friends ? And who here really wants to look like a german tourist on holidays in the south of France ?
Well, I have the answer for you : topless sandals (no sexy picture involved 😉 )

Those are flip flops you simply stick under your feet. Of course you can get them off any time you want and it seems you can re-use them a couple of times (although I really don’t think it will work). From the advertising video, they seem to stick enough to walk around, flirt with Pamela on the beach, and even play some friendly soccer with friends … And all of that for under 10 bucks !!! So go ahead, look trendy, feel comfortable, and let them believe its the next piercing “a la mode” !