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Upgrading the N810 to Diablo

It’s already been a couple of days since the release of Diablo, the latest edition of the OS from Nokia for the N810. And since the best knowledge base on the subject says its hot, there is

VNC to GDM, with login … it can work !

The reason for the recrudescence of Ubuntu posts on this blog was originally due to me wanting to put that free OS on a couple of old machines I had at home. For some of them it

DVD playback with Ubuntu

This was one feature I never got working until just a few minutes ago, even though I tried a couple of times ! Thanks to sebz, and a shared Google Reader item, the following article explains you

Changing the default language with Ubuntu

On the request of a friend, here is how one can change the default language in Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10). It is actually a pretty simple action, but no one seems to remember how it’s actually being done