Numbers : Porn ! And More !

No this is not a cheap attempt at driving trafic to this blog ! (I already have a dedicated website for that :-D) But some might say it will 😉
Anyhow, you know how sometimes you look at these powerpoints/movies that gives you some numbers about a certain technology, habit, or anything for that matter. Well Good Magazine made a nice little video about the industry of porn and the traffic/money it drives on the Internet.
The video is slightly sexy which is kind of a real eye blink to the subject and is really the only reason for me posting this video, although the numbers are quite impressive … Specially the fact that 70% is watched between 9 and 5, that is business hours !!!

Just to show you that the subject was really more about the numbers than the subject itself, here is another one that is presented in a funny way ! The top 5 more expensive domain names … Guess which one is the winner, and play the video ! Just to reassure you, I did lose 😉

PS : This will also get you a way of looking at the new YouTube player in action 😉