Guybrush is back ?

All of you nostalgics out there, get ready for a tremendous news that will give you a big ass smile !
Remember those great days of point-and-click gamesLucasArts main way into this world back then with the great Indiana Jones series for example. But certainly the best of the breed was and will always remain to me … The Monkey Island series of course !
Well, according to various rumors here, here and here, Monkey Island 5 would be in the works ! So get ready for some schmoozy love with Elaine, old time rivalry with Lechuck and of course bad ass insult fights, poly wants a craker, and three headed monkeys !
Here is a supposed art piece of the game in preparation :
Official fan site here.

Update on 06/19/2007 : Apparently this was a fake information. This picture was actually supposed to be used for a Monkey Island movie, but the idea was abandoned. Some of the ideas were actually used in Pirates of the Carribean. Too bas anyway, but hopefully we’ll see Guybrush anyway at some point in time !

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