How is that possible ?

This morning when arriving at work, I realized I had forgotten my laptop at home. Since I leave about 20 minutes away, this mistake implied a major hit on my day, however it was not the worst part of it. This “hole”got me into thinking : “how could I possibly have forgotten about the one thing I use more than 10 hours per day ?”
An easy answer may be found in the fact that this week is quite special. My wife has gone on a business trip to Romania, which means I need to take care of our son all by myself. One of the key point of that is getting him to his nanny qround 8:30 AM and fetching him back before 7PM. This leaves me a mere 8h30 of total work time, lunch included, which is lets say it, not a lot ! So one probability is that I needed to hurry when leaving the house, thus forgetting my work tools…
Another possible reason for this, would be the fact that I’m quite busy at work currently. This year has been a difficult one for the team I am part of, which induced a lot of stress, and work. Since I have not taken any substential vacations since March, it must be time for me to think about it … Lucky for me it’s coming in next week, and I should be off the burden for a few days. And quite frankly I really do think this is the reason for my morning forgetness : I really need a break !
Don’t get me wrong, I do like my job. However this past weeks have put a lot on my mind, and clearly I cannot think straight anymore. Reading the Positiviy Development Blog, A few GTD other ones, have clearly helped me in doing things better and more efficiently, but the truth is that I cannot see the end of it ! Anyhow, enough complaining for tonight, as I clearly need to get some sleep. And hoppefully I’ll think about taking my laptop with me tomorrow. Oh wait ! I lent it to a colleagut for the next two days, so I’m sure this wont happen ! One thing of my mind as Allen would say 😉

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