At last … A network enabled screensaver

I currently have a bunch of computers at home, including one directly connected to my TV in the living room.
I’ve always wanted to use this display as a photo frame during idle hours, party times, … But I never found a screensaver that would allow me to get pictures from my home network, and plus ! (Granted, I did not look too much around 😀 ).
Anyway, I just came across the Google Screensaver (Aaah Google !). This tools lets you display photo coming from your computer or your home network, your picasa account, or any other photo feed available out there !

Once you installed the software, just go to the standard place where you configure your screensaver, and select the one entitled “Gphotos”. You may also run the shortcut installed on your standard Windows programs. You may then configure the screensaver by configuring your Picasa account, the folders containing pictures, as well as RSS feeds containing images.

Unfortunately it seems that Google only provides this util as part of the Google Pack, but you may still download directly the screensaver from here or here (4,5Mb) although URLs may change in the future.

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