The O.C. is back !

And its called Friday Night Lights !
Remember the other day when I mentioned the 2007 Upfront ? Well, I told you then that this was a great way to discover tv shows you might have missed during the season ! And so did I with this new show from NBC. For all of you nostalgics of the once craved for now dead The O.C., this is a must see !
This show is about a little town called Dillon, Texas (Hence the marvelous accents from most of the actors), and its high school team called the Panthers. The show follows the top players of the team and their adventure in this little town where every friday night (game night for those not familiar with High School Football), the whole town stops breathing and craves for their players to bring another win to town. So what you are going to get is the crippled QB Jason and his love story with the star cheerleader Lyla, the on and off relationship between Riggins and the bad girl Tyra, the difficulties of coach Taylor and his wife who is the school counselor, the bad ass running back “Smash”, and of course the impossible love story between the coach’s daughter Julie and the new QB1 matt.
So ok it’s more of a soap than a drama, but its a good one, and the 22 episodes (45 minutes each) of the first season will for sure higher the amount of time lost in front of your TV 😉

Cast presentation here.
Official website here.

TV.Com link.

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